I really am into pillows lately. They are so much faster to make than quilts (and I had enough of these for now with 3 queen sized one in just 2 months). I like quick little projects :)

I am in love with the colors. They are so bright and fresh !
And since I cutted to much fabric last night, I might have to make another one (not the same, of course. I'm allergic to making twice the same thing).

This pillow is now listed in my Etsy Shop so I hope it will sell fast !

Talking about that, would anybody be interested in swapping(or buying) this :

This is all you need to make a Kitchen Window quilt top (there's a picture in my Finished Quilts 2012 page if you want to see it).
What happened is that I couldn't buy FQs at the time so I bought 1/2 yards instead. When my mom's boyfriend saw the fabric, he loved it and asked me if I could also make one for him.
So I cutted the fabric for two quilts. The thing is that now that I made one, I don't really want to make another one. I love the fabric, but one is enough. 

I can also send you only the prints if you don't like the purple/green solids with it. I'm very flexible... I just want to get rid of it.

If anybody is interested, just let me know. I'll be very happy to send all this to a loving home :)


Cherie said...

Is there a tutorial for the quilt?
I'm interested in swapping. =D