Just Three Challenge and other things

Even though I've been very good at finish projects lately, I'm linking up to the Just Three Challenge for this month (April, already!). You can link up here if you want to !

#1 : Bind my mom's birthday present (which is sunday). I have the binding fabric, I just need to make it. Binding being my least favorite part of the process, I'm not looking forward to it!

Here's a picture, just because it's gorgeous.

The quilting is amazing and I can't wait to show you :)

#2 Quilt + bind my Granny Square quilt. It's basted, I just need to decide how to quilt it. I really want to do something different (no straight line or meandering quilting). Any ideas ?

#3 Would be to start something new ! Really ! Maybe I have to finish one of the baby quilt I started a couple weeks ago, but i'm not in a hurry. Oh and I need to bind (another one!) my color brick (or wall brick ? don't remember) quilt. I'm going fabric shopping today to console from not being able to go to the Sewing Summit hihi :)

What's your least favorite part of the quilting process ?

Here's a picture of all the quilts that currently live in my house. A house without at least a quilt is not a real home.

(The top two are for sale in my Etsy Shop, the third from the top is for my friend and I'll give it to her in just 2 hours, the fourth need some binding and then I don't know what I'll do with it, the fifth is my very first quilt and the last one is my mom's quilt). How many quilts do you have in your home right now ?


Chelsea said...

I love your granny quilt! And all those quilts against the green wall? Worth painting a wall green for!!

Shanna said...

The granny squares quilt is beautiful!! I think my least fave part has to be basting my quilts...which is probably why I accumulate tops at the moment :o)

Marian said...

What a wonderful stack of quilts! I love your projects. The granny squares quilt is so beautiful and the blues in our mom's is gorgeous. I am with you, binding is my least favorite part too! Good luck on your goals!

Jess said...

Joining the binding ends together is my least favorite part, but handstitching the back binding is possibly my favorite part. Weird I know.

And gosh, all those quilts are beautiful.