On fabric and the Sewing Summit

Let's start with fabric ok ? I got a lot recently..

Kona : Seafoam, Sage, Ice Frappe, Bone, Cardinal, Curry
Running Stitches - Patty Young (Couldn't resist a good basic!)
Henna Garden - Sandy Henderson (I couldn't find any of the orange and turquoise one)
And last but not least, my little Mendocino stash :)
(I didn't bought it recently, but I wanted to take a picture anyway)
If you got some and wanna share, feel free to do it with me !

And now on the Sewing Summit. Who's going ? Did you go last year ? How did you find it ? Was it worth the trip ?
I want to go, but it's going to be really expensive for me.. So I'm trying to decide if I'll go or not!

Oh and do you guys know how to make a quilt pattern ? I have EQ7 so I guess it can help, but I have no idea how to make that...