A very productive day is..

..what happen when you don't waste time on the internet pinning pictures/going through every group Flickr has, etc.

And this is exactly what happened to me yesterday :)
I managed to finish a quilt top I had started and I even made another one (which might become a pattern if I can find out how to make one --> anybody could help ?)

I have to say, I do prefer the second one. I just love the dots fabric (it's Hullabaloo by Urban Chicks). I'm lucky I got some left :)

Oh and I'll work on that elephant (with the dark blue herringbone print). He is really bothering me (and my mom and boyfriend).

About the patterns (for the ones that already made one), do you use a "special" program to make them ? Or you make them in Word and turn them into a PDF after ?


On fabric and the Sewing Summit

Let's start with fabric ok ? I got a lot recently..

Kona : Seafoam, Sage, Ice Frappe, Bone, Cardinal, Curry
Running Stitches - Patty Young (Couldn't resist a good basic!)
Henna Garden - Sandy Henderson (I couldn't find any of the orange and turquoise one)
And last but not least, my little Mendocino stash :)
(I didn't bought it recently, but I wanted to take a picture anyway)
If you got some and wanna share, feel free to do it with me !

And now on the Sewing Summit. Who's going ? Did you go last year ? How did you find it ? Was it worth the trip ?
I want to go, but it's going to be really expensive for me.. So I'm trying to decide if I'll go or not!

Oh and do you guys know how to make a quilt pattern ? I have EQ7 so I guess it can help, but I have no idea how to make that...


A baby quilt + a little help !

Hey everyone ! How are you all doing ? What have you been sewing lately ?

I have something to ask you. It's nothing really complicated but I really don't know what to do next.
I'm making a baby quilt for a girl in my class with this lovely stack of fabric

She asked me to make wonky square in a square blocks and so far, I've got 12 done. I want this quilt to be approximately 40"x60".
Here's what I've got for now :

I really like it :) Now, here is where I need your help. Each block is 10" square so if I make 12 more (which I don't really want to do..), it would be the perfect size. Should I add sashing (it would probably be Kona Azure because she doesn't want any white) and a border ? Or just a big border ? If I add a border, should I make it scrappy or just a plain solid one ? I think that if I add a scrappy border, it might look to busy.. What would you do ?


Chief Bundle Maker

Remember that contest where you ahd to create a bundle with 12 prints and 3 solids and if you won, you'd get your own bundle sold at The Fat Quarter Shop ?

Well, Monkey Do is hosting the same kind of contest !

Here's what you need to do :
Pick a selection of 12 fabrics in Brenda's (Pink Castle Fabric) store (use the etsy shop or website or both), make your mosaic using the mosaic maker at big huge labs and blog about it (or upload your mosaic to flickr). Then go back to the bloc and tell Katy @ Monkey Do that you've done so using the linky too.
The contest is open until March 31st and the 2 winners will each win their own bundle AND get that very same bundle listed in Brenda's store ! Fame at last !

So this is what I came up with :

I was inspired by the beautiful weather outside/Easter/my sister-in-law who wants to make a quilt using this color palette.

Edit : I completely forgot to tell you what the fabric were!
Here you go :
(From top to bottom and left to right)
Fly a Kite Floral in Yellow by October Afternoon
Circles in Daffodil Yellow Modern Whimsy Organic by Laurie Wisbrun
Basketweave in Yellow Dazzle by Melissa Averino
Hello Pilgrim Pearl Bracelet in Turquoise by Lizzy House
Timeless Treasure Crosshatch in Aqua
Hello Pilgrim in Butterfly Sky in Turquoise by Lizzy House
Hopscotch in Pink Sarah Jane Studios Children at Play
Sundae Stripe in Sherbet Ruby by Bonnie and Camille
Rain Drops in Petal Pink Jack and Jenny by Laurie Wisbrun
Hello Pilgrim Pearl Bracelet in Green by Lizzy House
Lime Green Ruby by Bonnie and Camille
Snip Snip in Lime Half Moon Modern for Moda

Wish my luck and go make your own now !


The start of something new

Hi everyone !

I'm in a really good mood today because it's 82° outside and we are in March ! I've never seen this before ! Unfortunately, I can't enjoy this beatiful weather because I'm working this weekend... Luckily, it's suppose to be this warm all week :)

Yesterday, I got to visit this little quilt shop in Montreal and I used the gift certificate I received for my birthay to treat myself :)

I bought some Hullabaloo by Urban Chick for a cute little quilt.
Here's what I made so far :

I really like it and it's my very first "little boy" quilt ! I just need to buy some solids to finish it and I'll have plenty of time to quilt it this week !

What have you been doing lately (craft related, of course) ?

Have a very beatiful day !


Spring came knocking on my door !

Hey everyone ! It's been a long time (almost a month already!). Life's been VERY busy lately.
I did an internship in an high school and I loved it. Now I don't want to go back to regular classes...

Onto the sewing stuff (because that's what is interesting right ?) :
Do you remember this stack of fabric ?

Well, this is what it became in just over 2 months :

The picture isn't that great but in the middle, there is an elephant. It is now in the hands of the quilter. I can't wait to see it in 2-3 weeks ! It's my mom's 50th birthday present. She saw the top but she won't see it again before her birthday, when it's binded and properly labeled. I'm soooo glad I'm done with this. I'll be able to do my homework now :p (just kidding). But seriously, I feel free now ! Don't get me wrong, I loved working on that quilt but I am just really happy that I can do something else now. Do you feel like that sometimes ?

Sometimes, when I've been working on something for too long, I need a quick little project and those Granny Squares where perfect. I managed to piece a top in a couple of days and I love it. I can't wait to have time to sit down and quilt it. I haven't decided how I'm going to quilt it yet. Any suggestions ?

Last but not least, some fabric (to my defense, I bought it with birthday money, so it's not like I spent my money to buy fabric... hehe) :

Now, I need to make those Bee Blocks... They're due in a month :S

What have you been up to ?