When thing get a little out of control

This is exactly what happened here !

Let me show you what I'm talking about (I am embarrassed!) :

You are looking at 21 half yards. Really. 21. In a month. I'm crazy.
But I can't resist ! Now I want those Pezzy prints, but I think I'll wait a couple weeks so I don't feel too bad.

In my defense, I had to buy some fabric because of my bee mates. They almost all requested orange/yellow and had almost nothing !

The funny thing is that I decided to take a picture of my stash every month (starting on february) to see how (fast) it grows... I think it grew quite a lot this month !
Did you buy any fabric recently ? Do you feel bad when you buy some ? Tell me I'm not the only one please.


Carla said...

What a pretty stack! No, I haven't bought any fabric but my hands are itching to. I really never feel guilty when I get fabric. It's my hobby, my love, and it's cheeper than collecting cars, right?

rachael said...

um, i'm with ya! in the last month i think i bought... well, twelve full yards, a charm pack, a fat quarter bundle, oh and those two yards of voile. oh, no. now i do feel bad ;) kinda.

Caren said...

Oh golly, thats a lot of potential, there! I haven't bought anything since Christmas. My husband and I are going through a finance course and are starting to live on a budget. But oh, I'm with you on the Pezzy's, I'm really wanting some. Maybe next month... :)

MC said...

Over the last month I bought two fat eights solids packs, a yard each of swirly green and hand dyed purple, and some super cute baby print fabrics. But wait, it was my birthday, that counts as an excuse right?

twelfthzodiac said...

I do feel a bit guilty...that's why I buy a couple yards here & a couple there...! haha. It only feels like "too much" when I go over 2 yards & have to spend $12 on shipping. Of course, all the little packages add up, if you take the time to add them up anyway. Right now, I'm not! My excuse is that I need more randomness in my stash so I can start mixing & matching more. I used to only buy collections I loved, but that makes it hard to grow & use them apart from each other (for me anyway). So yeah, I need to buy more to grow as a quilter. That sounds good! The hubs can accept that!