Terrain !

I love this collection. It's such a bright and colorful collection !
I made this quilt with two charm packs:

So this would be my first finished quilt of 2012 !
It's listed in my Etsy shop and I hope someone will like it enough to buy it soon !
If it stays here for too long, I won't be able to part with it. It's funny because when I make a quilt, I need to know what I'll do with it before I even start. If I plan on selling it, than I don't get to attached to it. My boyfriend thinks it's funny...

What are you working on ?
I have so many projects in my head.. I think I need to make a list !


Melinda said...

How lovely! I understand how you feel. I have a couple of quilts that I "just made" and now I can't let them go. I have tons of ideas too but I won't let myself get started on any of them until I finish some of the other things I'm working on. ARgh!!!!

twelfthzodiac said...

Very pretty! Terrain is one of those collections that I like when I see it, but I never bought any.

I need to know who a quilt is for before I start too. If there isn't a baby/person in mind for it, it just sits in my sewing room & I don't know what to do with it! And, I never like them as much!