My mini is finished !

I finished it a couple of minutes ago and I love it ! I love the way it turned out :)
I'd like to thank everybody that helped me figure out what to do ! I wish I could have tried everything !

It's quite big for a mini I think, but it's under the size requirements for the Modern Mini Challenge so I'm good. I don't know how to mesure an hexagon, but I think it's 24 inches (from one point to another).

I'm also going to enter the Sew-vivor contest with that. Wish me luck !! The prizes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ! The winner gets $150 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop (and this is just one of many many prizes). Can you imagine how much fabric one could get with that much money? I go crazy just thinking about it !

So anyway, I'm sure you just want to see it right ? Well here it is !

(I might take a picture on a white background for my official entry... I still think it looks good on this wall though!)
I used some Joel Dewberry (Herringbone - blue), Anna Maria Horner (the red print), Bonnie & Camille (the green print - which I'm in love with. I got it in all 6 colors), Sandy Henderson (Henna Garden in pink), Lizzy House (yellow print) and two others that I can't remember (and I'm too lazy to go downstairs to find the fabric).

Are you participating to the Modern Mini Challenge ? If your mini is already done, leave me a ling to a Flickr account or blog post, I'd love to see what you came up with !


Needled Mom said...


Lindsay Conner said...

This is super cute!

Jess said...

It's gorgeous!

Carla said...

Awesome work!

rachael said...

looks fabulous!! i love how you finished it.

Kim said...

Good grief, that is amazing! I bow to your superior stitchery.