Grab a seat, this is going to be long...

Wow, it's been a while now... I'm sorry !
I haven't had a minute to really blog with school and all the adjustment to a new schedule !
On the menu tonight is two quilts and a lot of fabric !

First of all, here is the quilt I made for my grandfather :

Then I managed to finish this one for one of my sister.
I started it sometimes in september and I haven't mailed it to her yet :S (I'll do it this week though).

And then I started a quilt for my mom's birthday. We ordered fabric on January 2nd (because there was a 25% off on your order at quilthome.com. We saved the shipping...)
So here's some of the fabric (we might have to buy more.. Yay !!)

(There is some Amy Butler, Kate Spain, Valori Wells, Thomas Knauer and some other that I can't think of right now). As you can see, she wants a blue quilt. And in the center, there will be one of the elephant from the Karavan collection from Valori Wells. There are gorgeous in person. I ordered some in pink for me :)

And then there was some fabric from me to me (I also used a coupon, but at Fabric.com. I only saved the shipping too).

Again, there are a lot of fabric there and I can't name them all. If you really want to know, I can make a list !

I also found a little fabric/yarn shop in Montreal today. It was heaven on earth. I found some Mendocino fabric :

It's not the colors I would've wanted. I wish they still had those purple/plum/fushia mermaids. They are so cute. If you have some and wouldn't mind swapping, I'm ready to do just about anything for some ! (in any color)

And then I also found more fabric to start a new project (a quilt for a girl in my class) :

It is for a baby quilt. Gender neutral. I know, there is a lot of blue there but I added fabric from my stash and I got this :

The background fabric is from the Ruby collection. It's green, not yellowish. I think it could work for either a girl of a boy. What do you think ?
This block if from the Summer Sampler Serie. My friend wanted only this block but I don't think I can live with all the waste paper piecing create. It took a whole fat quarter just for the background. It's insane !

I think that's is for now. I'll try to come here more often !!
What are you sewing now ?

Pfiouuu I made it until the end ! Did you ?


Erin Thornton/Emelote of Calais said...

Where in Montreal was the shop (and it's name...were the fabrics a good price?

Jess said...

Wow, I'm in love with it all! Bit jealous of you fabric stashing. Particularly love the blues you've chosen for the baby quilt - its going to be awesome :)