First of all, I'd like to wish you a verry happy New Year. I hope it brings you everything you want !
Now, I usually don't really have goals because I don't remember them after just a month but I want to try to stay focused on what I want to accomplish for this new year.
So here are my goals for 2012 :

1. I want to be healthier, eat healthier. (Like when I'm alone at home, I don't usually cook for myself. I'll just eat anything that is already ready and in the fridge. So sometimes I don't really eat well and I need to stop that).
2. I want to be more fit. I need to start exercising even if it's just a walk around the neighborhood. And I need to do it everyday even when I don't want to.
3. I want to keep the spaces where I live cleaner. Especially my bedroom and the sewing room (where I usually just make a H.U.G.E mess when I start a new project).
4. I want to make more quilts and sell them in my Etsy store. This way, I could eventually quit my job and concentrate on school and sewing! That would be a dream.
5. I'd like to be able to work at one thing at a time. Start a project, finish it and then start something else.

I think that's it for now. If I ever think of something else, I'll just add it.
Do you have goals ? What are they ?