One done, one to go.

Hi !

I said I'd come up with a tutorial yesterday, but I really need to finish my grandfather's quilt so this will have to wait. But I promise I'll do it !

In the meantime, I can show you a quilt I just finished for my mother's boyfriend.
It's from The Practical Guide to Patchwork from Elizabeth Hartman. It is the Kitchen Window pattern.
Thanks to some December sun for the good pictures :)

It's made out of the Bohemian Soul collection by Patricia Bravo. I love this collection !
I started it sometimes this summer and decided that I needed to finish it for Christmas. I started quilting last night at 8pm and I quilted for an hour. I continued this morning and now it's 2pm and it's quilted and binded. I just need to wash it :)

I want a good sewing machine for my birthday. Right now, I'm using my mom's. It's a Baby Lock Quest and I think it does a wonderful job. What kind of sewing machine do you own ? Do you like it ? What were your other options when you bought it ?
I feel like there are so many choices that I don't know where to start.


jmday said...

Oh here's a question I know all about. 2 years ago I went through the same thing. It's overwhelming trying to figure out what to get, and anyone you ask is going to be a die hard, Bernina/Janome/whatever fan... Totally not helpful.

I ended up getting a Brother Project Runway model. I really like it. It's not that fancy, but I don't need anything too fancy, I was coming off of a White jeans machine (that was 10 years old).

Good luck in your quest!

TheAccidentalCrafter said...

Nice job on the quilt. As for which sewing machine, start with a budget then decide which features you would absolutely need and go from there. You may also need to think about a machine you can grow into as you learn more skills. I went from a cheap machine from the supermarket to using my mum's old Janome to eventually getting a PFAFF. I liked the idea of the IDT. The machine is probably still too advance for me, but husband is hoping that it'll last me for a while. I did consider a Janome but am still searching for an old Bernina or Pfaff as a second machine.

Jess said...

I love your quilt! I'm planning on making that pattern one day soon - I just need to decide what fabrics to use :)

As for a sewing machine - I love TheAccidentalCrafter's comment. That's a really good way to approach it. That said, I really love my Bernina ;)