The (not so) Easy Empire Waist Top

Tomorrow, my niece is going to be baptized so I decided to make a little something for her. You know, a little last minute gift ! My sister-in-law also know how to sew so I know she'll apreciate this gift. So i decided to try the Easy Empire Waist Top from the Little Stiched for Littles Ones by Amy Butler. I remebered that I read that her patterns were hard to follow and all but it's all I had on hand!
Making the bodise was pretty easy. The problems started when I had to attach the trim to the bodice. My pieces were on the wrong side and it took me about half an hour to figure it out :S
Then I had problems with the sleeves. I just tried and ended up making my own thing cause it was like 11pm...I was searching the net for some instructions. I just decided to sleep on it so I left it there for the night. This morning, I tried to attach the sleeves to the top. It went ok ! And for the bodice, it went fine too but all in all, I think it took me 8 hours to complete it ! But you know, I'm happy and I like how it turned.
Now, let me introduce you to the Not-So-Easy Empire Top :
(sorry for bad pictures, it's dark outside!)

I hope she likes it !
Have you tried some Amy Butler pattern ? If so, which one ?


Micmacker said...

Cute fabrics - I'm sure she'll love it!