Hi there !

Last night, Internet decided not to work. The company that provides us had major problems so I couldn't blog/pin/stalk other blogs. Nothing was working. What do you do when you studied all day and Internet doesn't work ? Sew of course !!
I ended up finishing my [3x6]Sampler Quilt Mini Bee. I am very proud of myself for finishing them.
Here they are :

The idea came from Jolene (I don't know her, her name's in her profile) @ Happy Modern Quilt.
It's the second from the top right. I am probably not the creator of this block, but would anyone be interested in a tutorial ?
If nobody is, I won't make it, but if some of you are, it will be a pleasure !

I need help. I bought this fabric a couple weeks ago and I can't decide whether it's purple or pink.
What do you think ?

Even though the one on the left looks more purple than the one on the right, the color of the background is the same when you look at the "reel" fabric.
I'm asking because I wanted to use it in my bee blocks but I didn't know if the color would work.

Do you participate in a bee ? If so, which one ?

I've got another question for you : does anybody else have problems with Google Reader ? I suscribe to blogs and sometimes, they don't show up. And when I unsucribe from others and they are still there the next day.


Needled Mom said...

Those are really lovely blocks.

Pink or purple??? I see what you mean. I guess I would say purple...maybe pink....no, purple!!!!!

KellyS said...

I would love a tutorial on those blocks, if it isn't too much trouble. I just joined a bee through my modern quilt guild. It should be a new experience for me!

I am going to go with purple too, lavender-ish. It could really go either way!

gill said...

Re google - yes exactly the same for me! The other day I 'unfollowed' several that no longer interest me but they're still there!
I'll be interested to see if anyone has the answer!

Christie said...

Please! tutorial.I am super drawn to these blocks.