Quilting Bee and other things

So a couple weeks ago, I started showing interest in quilting bees but I wasn't too sure because I thought I wasn't good enough. I started my first quilt two years ago and finished it last summer so let say I've only been quilting for a year. And what I made was not hard to do, I didn't choose difficult patterns. So anyway, I found the [3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee and it happened to be the last day for registration so I though "this must be a sign. I need to jump in !" so I filled my form and got in ! In this bee, you are paired with 5 other women (or men, but there's none in our hive) and each one of us make 5 blocks (the same one but with different colors). We have 2 months and a half to make them. So if you don't like the experience, you're not enrolled for a complete year (like in regular bees). Anyway, this is the block I made :
It's made with a paper piecing technique. It was my first time paper piecing and it took me a couple tries before I got it right but I love the result (my bee mates too ! Yay !).
I wouldn't make a quilt out of it, but I can definitely make 5. I used this template to make the block but I made it bigger (170%) because it was tiny tiny !

Also, a couple days ago, I made my sister a laptop sleeve.

I used this tutorial to make it. I made a quilted one instead and when it came to the zipper, I had to refer to another tutorial, because I did not understand her's. It's not my most fabulous zipper, but it's ok and my sister won't even notice. I'm not planning on making another one soon !

Do you participate in a Quilting Bee ? If so, which one ?