My kitties !

Two days ago, I said I'd present you my two cats.So ladies first :

This is Maya, she's about a year old. She is the most cuddly cat I know. She loves to snuggle on me and then she starts to purr really loud. You can actually hear her from the other side of the room. She also respond when I talk to her ! Anyway, she's cute and I love her ! My sister and I got her at the animal shelter after my first cat died (I never cried that hard... you can ask my mom!)

And then mister Yoda :

He is not that much of a cool cat but I love him anyway. My uncle found him outside a year and a half ago and he couldn't keep him because they have a dog and my aunt and two cousins are allergic so I kept him.
He hurt him two days ago and now, he has this on his chest :

I know, it's disgusting. It also cost 400$. Damn cat ! Just before christmas !
He's fine now and that's the most important thing !

So there you go, you now know my two babies :)


Cindy said...

Poor kitty :( How did he get hurt?

Cindy said...
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