Little Folks

Dear followers,

I would really really love to get my hand on some Little Folks Voile by
the very lovely Anna Maria Horner.

Hawthorne Threads has *almost* the whole collection and it's on sale.

Unfortunately, they don't cut FQs and I don't want to buy 1/2y 
(ok I do. But it's too expensive).

So, if any of you were interested in splitting 1/2yards with me so we could both get FQs, 
I would be very very happy!

I'm sure your husbands, boyfriend of whoever you live with 
would be very grateful too since voile makes very very soft quilts.

With all my love,
Marika xxx

That's what I would get. What is not circled is what they don't have anymore.

p.s : if nobody wants to share, I'll probably end up buying 1/2 yards anyway.
I'll be mad at myself for about 0.00001 minute for doing that but then I'll be
excited to get to play with this lovely fabric.

p.s 2 : it would be approximately $65 each to split a 1/2 yard bundle. 


The Art Student Tote

The other day, I saw the Art Student Tote on someone's blog and 
I loved it so much that I HAD TO have one.
And I knew exactly what fabric I would use so I bought the pattern
and waited very patiently for it to arrive...
(it went from Atlanta to Miami (???) and finally here but it didn't bring the sun with him)

First of all, I love it. 
I have no idea what I will do with it but I love it.
It's big, looks very well done and the pattern is very well written.
Not once I had to stop, scratch my head and figure out what to do !! 

I used Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in black for the main exterior fabric and the two purple prints are by Lourdes Sanchez. I bought them a while ago and was very happy to use them because they were always meant to be used in a bag.

I made the same modifications as Holly's to make the bag a bit more sturdy.
It means that I used interfacing on pretty much every piece of the pattern and I added fusible fleece to the handles and the exterior of the bag. 
I love that it stands on it's own and I feel like it'll last for a long time :) 

Just to show you how big it is, I *tried* to take a picture of my cats in there.
I had to give them temptations and the picture is still blury but it makes me laugh
because this means that my bag can hold 30lbs of cat !

btw, I'm now on Instagram because I bought myself an Iphone !!
If you want to follow me, I'm here !
Let me know who you are so I can follow you too :)


A Lovely Year of Finishes - April

I promise, things will go back to normal (me posting more often) very soon.
I finished my intership last Friday and only have 3 more weeks left of school.

After that, I'll be SEWING !!! Yay :)

Anyway. I will have to finish my April goal since it's for a swap and I have to send it before the end of the month. Easy peasy.

I was really excited to get my partner in the Modern She Made swap.
We have similar taste and I know her a little bit, which makes it even more fun !

She wanted a mini quilt, pillow or sewing machine cover and that's what I settled for since 
I've never made one.

This was my initial fabric pull - scrappy, bright colors. 

And I made this with it 
(of course I ended up using only a few prints) 

I used some white on white print for the background because I thought it would add some interest.

Now, I'm stuck because I have no idea how to quilt the thing !
Any idea/suggestions are very welcome :)


A Lovely Year of Finishes - March

I feel like those posts are the only one I do right now, don't you ?
But I'm not too worried since I'll be officially done with my second year in just 3 short weeks.

I couldn't be happier ! 

My March goal was to finish my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
Well, it's not finished. 
I made the back and it's basted and I even began quilting it with swirls you guys ! Swirls !
But I didn't like it so I unpicked what I had done. 

And I'm back to where I was a few weeks ago.. wondering how to quilt the damn thing.

Just as a reminder, here's the top : 

Now I have been sewing this month so I'll show you all that very very soon!  

In the meantime, Happy Easter Holidays (to everyone who celebrates it) :)



There is something about starting a new quilt that is so exciting.
And I get to do just that in the next few days.

And I know I will want to spend every waking minute in my already messy sewing room.
This quilt is for the young woman who made my business cards (that I should have very soon!), 
my Facebook Page banner, my labels, etc. 
We did a little trade and it's a treat for me to be able to make her a quilt. 
She is so so so talented ! 

So this little mosaic was my inspiration.
Feathers, animals, wood, those were the three most important words.

From this, we played with fabric and we able to get to this little stack that I received just last night ! 

I added a few prints from my stash but the "vibe" is still the same.
It's going to be something so relaxing. 

The design will really let the fabric speak in this quilt. 
 Talking about this quilt and looking at the fabric makes me feel so calm. It's really funny.
And definitely something I never experienced while making a quilt.

Soo to new quilts ! 



Last night, I was finishing a pillow cover and I thought
"Hey ! I could write a WIP post for tomorrow" (thinking we were only Thursday).
And then I realized it was already Wednesdat and it was too dark outside for me to take pictures...

So here it is, my work in progress post, one day late.

1. I basted my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
I still don't know how to quilt it... 

2. I just finished piecing my February quilt (for the Happiness Circle).
The thing is, it's too small. I would need it to be at least 70"+ long.

I don't want to make another 4 blocks so I'm thinking about adding a border.

Print or solid ?? 

3. I made one of the two blocks I have to do for March and I LOVE the colors so much !

4. And last but not least, I made this little pillow cover last night for a "customer".
She wanted something for her mother in law.
She said : feminine, flowers, nothing too bold, yellow and orange.

I think I accomplished just that, don't you think ? 

I still have a very sunny sewing day ahead of me in a clean sewing room 
(that's what I was doing at 6:45 this morning !).

What about you ??


Better late than never !

I realized that I never showed you the quilt I made for my sister (for Christmas) !! 
Today IS the day :)

I warn you, these pictures are absolutely terrible. They were taken inside and the sun wasn't shining very bright anymore outside.

Also, for some reason, this quilt is incredibly hard to photograph !
Maybe it's all that red ? 
Anyway, she loves it, I only gave it to her a few days late and it looks gorgeous in person so I don't care that much about the pictures (I do, but just a little)

This pattern is called "Storm at Sea" and depending on how you place the fabric, it can look very different! 
If it hadn't been for my sister, I would have just let that quilt in a bin forever because I paper pieced the whole thing (measurments are 60"x72"). At the end, it was hell. 

Can you imagine removing all that paper ? There are 99 blocks in there and they all  have at least 5 pieces so that's over 500 little pieces of paper I had to rip. 
Luckily, my boyfriend helped just a little bit :)

For the back, I used two AMH prints that reminds me of my sister and another that 
we found in a quilt shop and that she liked a lot. 

I was so so so happy to finish it ! And it was worth all the frustration because my sister
is one of my most favorite person in this world :) 
And now, everyone I love the most has a quilt made from me : my mom (4!), my sister, my grandparents and my boyfriend.

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